I think honesty is important.
For a long time I’ve felt like I’ve had stuff to say, but over the years, struggled with self-confidence and social anxiety.

I’ve always been pretty habitual about writing my thoughts and feelings down as an expression, but often let fear get in the way of sharing anything I felt worth sharing.

There is such a persistent culture in the West of not talking about weakness or revealing our insecurities that often honesty can feel like a bad thing.
Honesty can be scary, difficult and uncomfortable, at the risk of feeling vulnerable and exposed.
Honesty can feel lonely and alienating.
Honesty can sometimes mean leaving a comfortable life behind and stepping into something unfamiliar.

But Honesty is always liberating.
Honesty doesn’t conform to society’s unrealistic expectations, but instead reminds us that we’re all human; beautifully messy, dynamic and vibrant, all with the same basic wants and needs.
Honesty breaks down tribalism and divisions and helps push
society forwards.
I think being honest about our thoughts and feelings is inherently human and should always be encouraged and never repressed.

Over the years I’ve attempted to start all kinds of different blogs, but could never get past the fear of not being 'profound' or 'unique' or 'interesting' enough, sounding too 'pretentious' or whatever else people might think.

I finally decided to stop caring about all of that and just be true to myself.

So here is something honest.
(thanks for reading :))


 My first post –
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